FWA has a thorough understanding of the funding and procurement processes for federal, state and local governments. Our project managers are experienced in providing project design, construction documents, bidding services and construction administration to fufill the multi-phase process for each project. Currently, FWA is working in a design-build capacity at the federal level on multiple projects at Abderdeen Proving Ground, Ft. Meade, Ft. Deatrick and within Washington, D.C. while managing projects as a prime consultant at the state and local level across Frederick County, Baltimore County and Harford County.

FWA was very cooperative and professional with dealing with this project that the County was trying to as-built.  It seemed like every time we went to check the plans we’d find something else to add to them.  But it was completed in a very timely fashion and looks great.  In the end the picture is indeed worth a thousand words and will help with setting up for future events and farm fairs here.


Angela Hoover, PE, Project Manager, Harford County Dept. of Parks and Recreation

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