Exhibit3Master Planning:
Whether the clients are public institutions or private businesses, FWA provides master planning services to maximize their investment.  Engineering and environmental studies support the highest and best use scenarios for individual site selection and for overall functional use.  Planned communities, mixed use designs, commercial, industrial and institutional planning services are handled by our experienced staff.  Our planning team takes the position that the total outcome of each endeavor is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Due Diligence:
Due diligence investigations are the crucial to the investment process. FWA offers its clients all levels of assistance during the due diligence period with relation to the size of the project and the client’s specific needs.  Site and environmental investigations, zoning and density analyses, schematic design and cost estimating are all a part of the FWA due diligence effort.  The results of our findings are summarized for our clients with direction on how certain constraints impact investment yield project schedules.

The approved development plan is the lifeblood of every new construction or re-development project.  When necessary, FWA offers the expertise to obtain re-zonings, zoning variances, special exceptions and condition use approvals.  When the base zoning requirements are met, the conceptual and preliminary design phase begins.  FWA takes pride in representing our clients in the public forum in community input meetings and additional public hearings necessary to advance the project.  Our track record of obtaining project approvals causes the majority of our work to be repeat business.

Landscape Architecture:
Adding natural elements to the built environment improves the aesthetics and effectiveness of every site design.  Our landscape and hardscape designs are shared with illustrative renderings to market the site in a way that our clients and our community understand.  We promote indigenous and sustainable landscapes, without the need for irrigation, but provide the expertise and support for all our clients’ landscaping needs.

Environmental Services:
As environmental restrictions continually change to protect the Chesapeake Bay, its tributaries and surrounding ecosphere, FWA keeps current on how these requirements affect how we plan and execute our client’s goals.  Whether working under the auspices of the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Army Corps of Engineers or the local environmental planners, we offer accurate environmental mapping services to support each regulatory application.  Forest conservation services, non-tidal wetland delineations, natural resources inventories, and Chesapeake Bay Critical Area impact studies are all offered to guide each project toward the sustainable future we all desire.

View some of our planning projects below: