Engineers Week 2017

This week we take a closer look at our largest department – Engineering. Engineers Week is a time to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world, increase public dialogues about the need for engineers and bring engineering to the life for kids, educators and parents, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

As civil engineers, we serve commercial, education, government, industrial, residential and water/waste water markets. Each engineering team is organized in relation to the markets they serve and manages a contract from due diligence through permitting and construction.

We had participating engineers write down what they like about their profession using #Iengineerbecause.

Engineers Week Graphic

Top Row (Left to Right)

Bill Baker, PE, Executive Vice President  #Iengineerbecause I wanted to improve my community

Bruce Beasman, PE, Project Manager – #Iengineerbecause The learning never ends (…and the fun never ends!)

Dan Blevins, Project Engineer – #Iengineerbecause I wanted to be a part of a growing community

Middle Row (Left to Right)

Gerry Powell, M.CE, PE, Project Manager – #Iengineerbecause Alwasy wanted to be one!

Justin Potillo-Crawley, Design Engineer – #Iengineerbecause It’s the only way….

Scott Foresythe, Civil Engineering Intern – #Iengineerbecause I like building something out of nothing

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Travis Moore, EIT, Project Engineer – #Iengineerbecause I like leaving my mark on the world

Tory Pierce, PE, President – #Iengineerbecause It’s rewarding

Veronika Vall, Project Engineer – #Iengineerbecause I like to solve problems

If you are interested in becoming part of the engineering team at FWA, please see our careers page.

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